Workshop MARCH

You'll find here informations about the Workshop with students of MARCH.


MARCH is Moscow's new independent school of architecture. Its curriculum is based on the methodology used by leading Russian and international architects and incorporates the most important aspects found in international architectural education.


Renowned architect, teacher and social activist Eugene Asse founded the course and is the Dean at MARCH. Nikita Tokarev has been appointed its Director.


MARCH Architecture School's objective is to build up a new model of architectural education in Russia that produces professionals trained to the highest international standards capable of integrating into the global architectural market.


MARCH was developed in close partnership with the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow) and London Metropolitan University (UK). It offers students the unique advantage of being able to obtain a British postgraduate qualification- Master in Architecture and Urbanism - whilst undertaking studies in Moscow. This program was developed in conjunction with the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University which is ranked as one of the best architectural schools in Britain.


more about MARCH:

picture exhibition on housebuilding in Switzerland

As a short input and a overview for the russian students, a few swiss students held a presentation on housebuilding in Switzerland

Developping ideas for an old distillery

The workshop-tasks

The distillery "Kristall" lays in the old "industrial belt" around Moscow, approximately 5km away from the Kremlin. At the end of the XIX century, the first belt of industrial zones around Moscow was developed.  It has formed along Moscow Little Ring Railway on the outskirts of the city. The rapid expansion of the city in the 20th century had led these areas to be in the center of new bigger Moscow. Currently, most of the plants produce nothing and are used as warehouses or cheap offices. The general plan of Moscow of 2010 designated this and other sites as "priority development areas".


The distillery "Kristall" is a typical example of a historical industrial area. Some of the buildings were built in the late XIX century, referred to cultural heritage objects. In addition, there are many buildings of the Soviet period with no value. The distillery was one of the main enterprises producing vodka in the Soviet era. Now, the production has moved to the suburbs and a conversion of the factory into a multifunctional urban area is assumed.


The area

impressions (developping visions, monday & thuesday)

final presentations and apéro (friday)

After developping visions and ideas for the area, the russian students had to convert the visions without the swiss students into concepts. Rearranging from 6 to 3 groups, the work went further on till friday, when the final presentations had to be held.